But God Does the Watering

So what is it that causes the growth of the seed and bread? The rain and snow....the water. In this image, the water is the "the word that goes out from [God's] mouth." It is he that causes the growth to happen, not the seed or the sower, not the bread or the eater: not us.

He speaks his word through us in our prayers. He works his will through us as his love becomes action toward others. And, of course, completely independent from us, God also speaks directly to bring man unto him. Let's pray for these three different areas of God's word as it works among the Dong people.

Father, the Dong need your word: they need the word of God that cannot fail to bring about more seed for others to spread and bread for those who are hungry. Father, we ask you to use us. Lead us in prayer, that we may be a part of the spreading of your word, to the glory of your name. Help us as we try to find words to pray for people we hardly know. Lead us as we pray directly for the Dong people, and also as we pray for those who have contact directly with them.
Loving Father, there are hundreds of thousands of Dong people who will never be reached by evangelists and never be known even enough to be prayed for. Though we may not be able to reach them, you can. We ask that you would work in their hearts, work through your creation, work through dreams and visions, speak your word directly to their hearts. May you be glorified as your word permeates the hearts of the Dong people.

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