Completely Impossible

Three million people. That is a lot, you know. Not only are there three million Dong spread through the mountains and valleys, but at the very least two different dialects of their language making communication among their own people difficult. Many of them cannot communicate in the national language, Chinese. The outcome is a large group of people who have no access to the Gospel in their language.

In Matthew 19:26, Jesus said, "Humanly speaking, it is impossible, but with God everything is possible." This is God's work. He challenges us to place our faith in the One who can accomplish the salvation of hundreds of thousands of people. With God everything is possible, and with God let us pray together for the salvation of this people.

Father, most of us have not even met one Dong person, and it is so easy to make this just another impersonal prayer for more people we do not know. You, though, you know every one of them. You love them and care for them, but they do not own you as their Lord. Lord, we ask that you would provide opportunities for the Dong people to hear the Gospel, to hear the Gospel in their own language. Provide workers, whether Dong, Han Chinese, or foreigners who can adequately share of their own faith. Send out preachers of your Good News, Father, to the glory of your kingdom.

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