A Journaled Journey

The other pages on the DongTeam site will change periodically, but most of them contain static information. The prayer journal, however, is a journey of prayer, evolving and dynamic. All the static information is to provide anybody, regardless of how much they know about the Dong people, enough information to pray intelligently. This journal will be the forum or the catalyst for most of that prayer.

My hope is to provide a place to learn how to pray for a people group. The best way to do that is to pray. As you read this prayer journal, I encourage all of you to use these entries as opportunities to pray for the Dong people. Each time you read an entry, I encourage you to pray with me for the Dong people, or use this information as an aid to pray for another unreached people group. May the Lord's will be done in our prayers.

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  1. Don't forget to post comments as time goes along. They keep this journal an interactive journal, one that not only I keep, but we all keep together as we prayer for the Dong people.