Where Are the Seed and Sower?

Let's dwell a little longer on the verse in the previous journal entry. God's word comes down like the rain and snow, watering the earth, and making it produce seed and bread. The answer this verse gives us seems to suggest an interesting change in the way we see God's will playing out among these unreached people groups.

The seed the sower uses to plant comes from the field itself. The bread that fills they who need to eat, is not shipped in from some United Nations bread fund; it also comes from the fields. The seed that will be spread among the Dong and the bread that will fill those who are hungry comes from right among the people themselves. And it will not fail. The seed already planted, the grain and bread already growing, as the verse says, cannot fail.

Father, you are sending out your word among the Dong people. There are a very few Dong believers, and we thank you for them, as ask you to use them as the bread for others who are hungry. We thank you also for the foreign and Han Chinese followers you have placed among the Dong to share your word. Father, use those who are there, use the seed already planted, use the bread already coming from among the Dong people to continue to spread throughout all the Dong people and provide for their salvation.

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