Chinese Language Resources

There was a brief comment in the last entry about the Dong not fully understanding books written in Chinese. The DongTeam General Information site has a summary of the present status of education among the Dong explaining such a statement

What this site has not said, and what you might not know, is what literature is available in the Chinese language to the Dong people. The Three-Self Church (official, government approved, Protestant church of China) sells Bibles (two translations), study Bibles, commentaries, hymnals, and few other basic pieces of literature. These materials are technically available, but there are no Three-Self churches in the Dong areas.

Plus, even if they did have better access to this literature, the majority of the Dong would only moderately benefit from Chinese language resources. We need to pray for Dong language resources to be made available.

Father, we do not rely on books and materials to save the Dong, but we know that biblical Christian materials can help evangelize the non-believers and strengthen the those who do. We ask that you would continue to strengthen and encourage the efforts to provide Christian materials in the Dong language, especially all translation of your word. And for those Dong already using Chinese language materials, please give them insight and wisdom as they use a second language for discipilng.

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