Faith Like This

I love those verses shared in the last entry. They are so applicable. The more I read through them the more I feel the challenge to greater faith. We may not see it while it is happening, and we should know there is no need to do so. We can, however, reach out in faith and pray for the healing of the Dong people: healing from sickness, healing of weary souls, healing from a life of sin, healing from the slow work of death on their lives, healing that will bring eternal life.

Father, we do not come to test you by trying to force our plans on you. We come to you, like the Roman officer, humble, but with the utmost confidence in your healing power. You know better than we what needs the Dong have, from what they need to be healed. We ask you to work healing among them that will bring glory to your name. We ask you to begin to heal them from everything between physical ailments to the death of their souls. Hear our prayers, O Lord. Heal these people in your name.

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