Hide It Under a Bushel?

Ok, who knows this childrens' favorite? Let's see some hands...oh, I guess I can't see your hands. If you feel an uncontrolable desire to hum, go ahead. I did.

Matthew 5:14-16, from which the song comes, is such a pertinent passage for prayer. There are a few Dong believers, maybe as many as one hundred believers among three million Dong people. They are few, but they are there. There are also believers from the outside (from other minorities, the Han majority, overseas Chinese, and other foreigners) living among or trying to reach out to the Dong. Let's begin to pray for these Christians as they shine out their light for all to see.

Father, please continue to protect and encourage those believers, Dong or outsiders, who are fishing for men among the Dong people. We ask that you would teach them and strengthen them as they seek new ways to reach the hundreds of thousands still untouched by your saving grace.
When attacked, we ask you would protect. When discouraged, we ask for the joy of the Lord to well up in them. When they are tired from a lack of fruit for their labors, we ask that you would take their concerns from them and reassure them of your perfect plan.

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