What Gentiles Got to Do with It

Another thing about the Matthew passage that piqued my interest was the insertion of the seemingly non related comment about the Gentiles near the end of the passage. First, we see a dialogue between Jesus and the Roman officer. Then, we hear Jesus's reaction given to the others present. Then, Jesus makes the comment about the Gentiles from all over the world at the feast of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I guess it is not so out of context; the obvious link is Jesus's comment, "I haven't seen faith like this in all the land of Israel!" In other words, people from all over the world, people who do not fit the typical profile, people like a Roman officer with great faith, will show forth their faith to the glory of God. Let us pray for that to happen among the Dong.

Father, the Dong people definitely fit the description of a people to whom the Gospel was not yet intentionally preached, but we pray that their faith in you, faith in the Creator of all things, would shine forth. We ask you to give them the faith they need, teach them to excercise it, and provide Christians that can disciple them and walk with them in faith. May you receive the glory when we all sit together at the great feast in the Kingdom of Heaven!

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  1. THANKS for such helpful insights into the needs of the Dong. I am lifting these with you, Glory be to the Father!! Fran S