Dong Worship Music

Worship. English speakers have hundreds upon hundreds of hymns and songs for worship, and a variety of media from which to choose. The Dong have none of this. Many of these things are available in Chinese, but not only would the Chinese materials be only marginally useful for the Dong because the words are not the right language, but the music, as well, is just as different from Chinese music as the Chinese language is different from Dong.

Dong people are incredibly proud of their music, using it in everything from ceremonies to recognize guests entering the village to the choosing of mates to the nightly pastime among families and communities. It is unique. The music made by the Dong is as unique to them as their language is. Let us pray for the development of Christian music in the Dong language using Dong music.

Father, we thank you for the wealth of music available to us, and with thankful hearts for those gifts to us which come from your work through your servants, we ask you to bless the Dong people and Dong Christians with hymns and spiritual songs that can aid their worship. We ask your Dong children the desire to write songs of praise and thanks, songs of testimony, songs of worship. Father, help them to worship.

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