The Prophet at Home

On the topic of cults, as mentioned in the previous entry, the Dong people in certain areas (areas affected by these cults) are accutely aware of some of their practices. As a result, the true Dong believers faced some stiff resistance from family, friends, and neighbors at first. In one instance, this went so far that the nearby well was poisoned with rat poison, and blamed on the Christians.

This incident is several years in the past, but prayers are still needed for those Christians. They still face resistance the most at home.

Jesus himself said, "A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his relatives and his own family." Indeed, the Dong believers say the hardest field to see harvest is in their own villages. Let's pray for them as they lives their lives before those who know them best.

Father, our brothers and sisters face a rough situation: family who cannot understand why they reject the traditional Dong beliefs, and friends who place tremendous pressure to conform to the Dong norm. Father, we ask that you would give our brothers and sisters wisdom to know how to minister to and act in their villages. We ask that you would use their witness to steadily bring their family and friends to faith, though it will require all the patient endurance the Lord can give them.

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