To Look Favorably Upon

Christians do not seem to be too popular in this country. However, in many situations, the government will see some of the benefits of Christians and allow them to live out their lives with relatively no trouble. From some officials' viewpoint, Christians are generally law abiding and, besides wanting to add more people to their numbers, they are not all that bad, compared to the other problems faced by the governing bodies.

We need to spend some time in prayer for the hearts of the government and law enforcement bureaus as they deal with Dong Christians, in the few places where Dong Christians exist. Let's pray they would look at the Christians favorably and allow them to live in peace, and indeed, see the beautiful faith welling from their hearts.

Father, every province, every county, every town reacts to Christians differently and we often do not know how to pray for any particular area, but you know each and every one of them. We ask that you would work in the hearts of those officials who have the few Dong Christians under their responsibility. We ask that you would help them to look on the Christians favorably and see that what they believe has nothing to do with politics or law, but instead to see their faith. We pray that you would use the faith of your followers to change the hearts and sympathies of the officials in all these areas.

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