The Work of Evil

As I mentioned in the last entry, we need to ask for God to change the hearts of the officials governing Dong Christians, and this is the perfect time to explain a little why that is so important. There are Christian cults in the Dong areas. There are more followers of these cults than followers of the true way.

To the majority of people, Christianity and the cults that claim to be Christian are seen as the same thing; you start to see why the officials would want to stifle the spread of the church: it is only spreading superstitious beliefs that control the minds of the people and destoys the society. However, in some areas in China, Christians have even worked with the government to curb the spread of these false doctrines. Anything is possible.

This can be a very involved topic, but let's limit our prayers for now to ask for wisdom and discernment to be given to the Dong belivers in these areas.

Father, these cults are dangerous and truly evil. They destroy peoples lives and work to stain the name of the Church of God. We ask that you would give the Dong Christians discernment to see what is a truth and what is a lie, and also ask that you would give them the wisdom to know how to combat the spread of evil, which is often directly aimed at them. Help them hold the shield of faith firmly against evil and to press forward with holy lives to glorify your kingdom.

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