Health Clinics

In the past week or so, several medical professionals visited a few Dong district to provide free health clinics for the locals. The purpose of these clinics was to provide health care to those who could not otherwise afford or receive such care.

Most of the provincial officials are very enthusiastic, but a few (a few that are necessary to continue such projects) are very antagonistic. None of the officials wants to take responsibility if anything goes wrong, and as a result try to shut off all foreign involvement in these areas, including these completely beneficial clinics.

The clinics barely received permission this time, and we need to pray that the healing these medical professionals provided will soften the sensitivity against foreigners in these areas. Lets pray that the Dong and others in these areas can continue to recieve the health aide and that this project with continue to shine as an example of the love and care of God for these people.

Father, we know that the officials just cannot understand why foreigners would want to come all the way around the world to help poor people, and they still are scared to allow such projects to continue in the future. We come to pray that you would soften their hearts and help them to see the only possible motivation behind such projects: love. We also pray that the Dong people will continue to be able to receive this health aide in the future and benefit from the healing hand of loving Christians.

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