Health of Worship

The last couple entires have dealt with music specifically, but the Dong church's worship in general also needs prayer. Worship in these areas will be unique, but little is known about the practices of the Dong church. Regardless of how healthy it is, we can be in prayer for encouragement, joy, and growth in the Lord for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Father, most of us are completely helpless to directly encourage our brothers and sisters who are so far away from us, but we know we can come to you and pray for them, for their encouragement, for their edification in Christ. We ask for you to send the Holy Spirit among them to guide them into worship, to raise them into healthy men and women of the faith through the study of your word, to teach them more and more to bear with each other in love, and also to help them to share the freedom they have found with those who do not yet believe. Use our prayers to uphold them and to aid them in their faith.

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