Reading & Writing

On the topic of translation, there is an additional request for which we could pray: one of the Dong helpers on the translation is only beginning to learn to read and write Dong. The problem is that he is not able to do any work or add any comments to the text when not together with the translation team.

He is practicing writing what he has learned so far, but he says, "I am still so slow and not always accurate." We need to pray that with time and use, his ability to read and write, for more purposes than just the translation work, will continue to improve.

Father, our brother can speak both Chinese and Dong, but all of his schooling (like almost all other minorities in China) has been in Chinese only. You have prepared him in many ways to work on the translation team, and as he continues to practice the use of the Dong script, we ask that you would continue to give him new tools that can be used for your glory. We thank you for his heart, and ask that you would encourage him as he learns.

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