Translation Checking

As stated in the Christian Resources section of the General Information page, there has been a hope that the Jesus Film in the Dong language could be completed as early as late 2004. Well, it is officially late 2004, and we need to pray for progress on this project.

Once the translation of Luke is finihsed, it will be adapted into the script for the Jesus Film. Luke is now in the checking process, and work is still needed to see a reliable finished product. We need to pray for those working on the translation as they continue checking and eventually begin to adapt the book into the script for the film.

Father, the translation has been an arduous and complicated task, and we first ask for your continued encouragement of those working on the translation. Even one book of the Bible, once reliably translated into a new language, can communicate a wealth of information to the people, but we especially ask for your aid in the production of the Jesus Film, which can communicate the message of Jesus's life to the hundreds of thousands of Dong who can speak but not read the Dong language. Father, please aid the translators as they check Luke and hopefully soon begin adapting it into the script for the Jesus Film.

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