Unity of Workers

There are many people who have felt God lead them to focus their ministry on the Dong people. Some of these live in China; some are which have adopted the Dong; some are individual saints praying for the spread of the gospel among the Dong. Cooperation and unity among these different groups and individuals is essential and will bring about the blessed fruits of unity.

Several of the people interested in the work among the Dong will be meeting in just a few days. We need to do our part to pray for them as they seek the face of God together and, through the grace of God, unify their work for the Kingdom.

Father, we thank you for the many you have lead into ministry with the Dong people, and we come to ask that you would bless their desire to work in unity. Please use their meetings together to build a framework for their coordinated ministries, and we ask for you to inspire their plans, plans to prosper the Dong people, plans to give the Dong a hope and a future.

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