Real Life

Though this has been mentioned before, and you can find it in the DongTeam general info page, it makes a difference when you hear it with your own ears and see it with your own eyes...

"I want to use God's word to grow, but it is hard."
"Well, we all find it hard sometimes."
"No, I mean, there are so many [Chinese] characters I cannot understand."
That's right. They have the word, but it is not in their language. They see the Chinese words on the page, but it does not make much sense to many of them. As soon as this Dong lady heard only one Bible story told to her in Dong, she immediately broke a smile and said, "Oh! I can understand everything. I did not know that they had this in my language."
Well, they do not yet. We need to continue to pray that these materials will be completed so that Dong people can have the same wonderful experience we can have by easily hearing and understanding God's word.

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