The Verbal Word

What can you do for people that cannot read or write their own language? How do you disciple them? How will hundreds of thousands of people hear the good news?

The Bible is the living word that speaks to us regardless of circumstances, the issues we face, or the background from which we come. It is key in any work of God in any culture; it is the key to solid growth of the church. It is also a book...which complicates work among illiterate people groups.

Audio Bible stories. The Dong people could very much use such materials, and we need to pray for continued development in this area.

Father, we thank you for those who have a heart to use an audio or story telling format to share the Bible with those who would not be able to read it off a page. We pray that you would continue to develop these materials through all the steps necessary: recording, checking, and making sure it is natural and clear without losing accuracy. Father, we ask for you to assist those working on such projects at this very moment, encourage them and give them wisdom as they develop these materials for your glory.

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