More to the Story

There is more to indigenous than those three self principles, though. It is all three of those and more. To slightly revise the Gettysburg Address: the Dong church of God, by God, for God, shall not perish from the earth.

"Indigenous church" is a concept founded in scripture. Or should we say, people are made in his image—heard that somewhere—and thus fundamentally have a "culture" that is of God. The church is not of, by, or for any culture. The church is of God, and as such, can be for any culture.

So, when we pray for an indigenous church among the Dong people, let us keep this in mind. There is a facet of "indigenous" that pertains to God; we are not just talking about a Dong-looking church.

Father, you are far beyond any culture that exists on earth. We are all created in your image; the church is a picture of the Father and the Son. Teach us to pray for the Dong church, a church that is created in you and will function as you do.

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