We have discussed a couple aspects of indigenous up till now. We have mentioned the "three self" aspects and the importance of the church rooted in God. The most important aspect of indigenous, though, could be stated "of the Dong, by the Dong, and for the Dong."

They need to own it. There is a tendency to look to foreigners for financial assistance. There is another very Asian tendency to look to foreigners as the real leaders over the church.

Neither of these can be true. The Dong have to do it for themselves. Foreigners may have some part in God's plan for the Dong church, but ultimately, it is the Dong church. They need to follow Christ's leading as a church.

Father, please help the Dong as they learn to lead and support their own church. There are many tempting obstacles along the way, especially the thought that they need financial help from outside. As they grow, grow in them the thought that all things are possible with the God who has limitless resources. Help them to grow, Lord.

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