The Grip of Money

China is booming. The incredible growth and progress in China only further encourages a people who already highly value money and material things. Even in Dong villages, where there is so little compared to the exploding cities, money is often the standard against which spiritual success is measured.

It does not take money to want money.

The Dong Christians are seen as poor (compared to their Dong neighbors), and as such, their god is unsuccessful in the eyes of Dong society. We do not need to pray for the Christians' financial status to change, but rather (over the next few entries) pray through some of the money related issues the Dong Christians face.

Father, we all know the powerful influence money can play in the hearts of man. We come to you to ask that you would work in the hearts of our Dong brothers and sisters to give them wisdom. The love of money affects rich and poor alike, and we ask you to encourage them to have the wisdom to give up everything for the "pearl of great price."

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