Prophet in His Own Land

Matthew 13:57

"A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family."

The Dong Christians face many difficulties, and one of the biggest is unreceptive hearts of those in their families and home villages. When the Christians first believed, most of the Dong in that area knew nothing about Jesus and were naïve to the fact that they would no longer worship false gods.

Now, the whole village knows who the Christians are and are basically sitting back and waiting for the spirits to punish the believers for turning from the gods they worshipped (and feared) from childhood. We should pray that the unbelievers would see the obvious truth lived out by the power of Jesus in the lives of the believers over the past few years. May the Lord open their eyes to see the authority of Christ over the spirits they worship.

Father, the family and friends of the Dong believers have waited for vindication from the spirits for years now. We pray that you would open their eyes to the truth and help them to see that you are more powerful and hold untimate authority over those powers. Help them to see the difference in the lives of the children of God and use those openings at just the right time to allow your children to share the freeing gospel with them.

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