To Their Own

Of the three million Dong people, there are probably under 100 Dong Christians. If we use the City of Chicago to represent the Dong people, the Christians would take up one or two city blocks. There are still many, many city blocks who have no idea what is going on in that one city block with Christians.

And in the same way the Christian city block needs help as they share Christ with the next block over, we need to pray for the Dong people as they share the love of Christ and the freedom that comes through him with the next village over.

Father, you know the name of every single Dong believer, you know where they live, and you want them to share the love they have found. Father, we ask you to help them as they attempt to lead their friends and neighbors out of slavery to the spirits. We ask that you would use every one of them in your plan to free the Dong people from the great deception in which they live, everyday in fear of the spirits. Use our brothers and sisters to share Christ with their own people and bring them into the light.

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