Fierce Reality

Just a couple weeks ago, the Dong Proverb Calendar had a very interesting proverb: "A righteous person is not afraid of evil spirits who bang on the door in the middle of the night."

Spirits are not a superstition taught by aged storytellers. Dong people know the spirits are a real part of everyday life. A Dong person once said to me, "None of the women will go on the mountain trails alone at night for fear the spirits will attack them." If you ask further, they can tell you about friends who have been physically attacked.

The spirits are real, but the proverb hits on a truth, unfortunately not the full truth. The righteous in God have authority and power over these spirits and can excercise that authority to see the freedom from a world persecuted by spiritual evil.

Father, it is easy for us discount the disruption evil spirits can cause when we may have never seen such a physical manifestation for ourselves. Still we pray. Please help the Dong to focus on this proverb; cause them to search for the meaning of "righteous." May they seek after righteousness and find the one, true Righteous One.

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