Pay or Offering?

There is a fine line between giving money to Christian work with expectations of how it will be used and giving money as a tithe or offering for God's work. In the former, the money is basically pay for expected results. The latter is giving money as a response to God's leading.

It is God's work. When an offering is given to God's work, it is given to support the work on God's terms, not our own. When applied to nationals, they are acting in the wisdom of God to complete his will. Money with expectations will contort God's will. Offerings, however, will support the work as the pastors under God's leadership see fit.

The trick, as mentioned in the previous journal entry, is that the Asian mind and thinking can, and usually does, look for the expectations of those giving the money, even if it was given from a right heart and good motives. Only after a strong relationship has been built, and the nationals clearly understand the expectations (or the lack of expectations), should money be given.

And even then, it should be given according to the local standard of giving, but we can cover this issue later.

Father, please work in the minds and hearts of the many people giving money to nationals for your work. Teach them how to give without attaching their own subtle expectations. Also, help them to realize what affect the money wll have on nationals. Teach us all to give from right hearts and also from an informed point of view. We all need your wisdom in these things.

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