Worse Than We Thought

I have a quick correction for the 11 July entry about the religious incident in the Dong areas. I spoke of foreigners sparking an investigation. That is incorrect. They were not foreigners.

It was actually Chinese national adherents of a well known Christian cult from the West. Initial reports spoke of the name of the cult, not so much to the people involved in this particlular incident, and were easily misunderstood. Now, we know more.

However, this information brings up new needs for prayer. Western and Chinese based Christian cults are active in the Dong areas. Let us begin to pray against their influence and darkening of peoples' minds to the truth.

Father, one person stating the name of Jesus is the same as the next to a Dong person. They know nothing of you and are easily tricked into believing in cults, which steal from your glory.
We specifically pray against the influence of these Chinese national cult members, who can so easily move and spread these untruths. Their tricks are too subtle for those who do not have your scriptures. Please lead those who are able to find the truth to contradict these lies, and help those who are not able to read your Word with the protection of the Holy Spirit.

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