3oz. Cult

Some cults are stronger in the cities and county seats, and others are proliferating out in the villages. Many of the people groups in this area have been affected by the 3oz. cult, which looks and sounds like Christianity to those who do not know the difference.

The name (in Chinese, 'two liang') is from the amount of rice the followers are allowed to eat each day. That is only the beginning to the many legalistic and stifling rules. We need to pray for the many Dong who have been trapped in the 3oz. cult.

Father, we mourn for all the Dong out there who have something they think is the truth, but simply is not. Please reveal to them the light and the truth to help expose lies for what they are. We pray especially that you will provide biblical teaching or the Word of God to flatly deny these cults and share the truth with those who have been tricked.

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