The Few That Do

In the last entry, we prayed for the many Dong students who move into the larger cities (county seats) to study. Some of them have been exposed to Christians and some of them have even accepted Christ.

These are only teenagers. They have believed Christ in a very hostile environment. They have already faced pressure to turn back from the "superstitious foreign beliefs"; this pressure comes from family, the surrounding culture, and the authorities. They have responded admirably: "They may say Jesus is a lie, but I know how Jesus changed me when I believed, and I know that is true."

Father, we stop to give you praise along with our young brothers and sisters who are under pressure for believing in you. We know you are true. We know your Word is true. We ask you to continue to work in the lives of these young people to bring about fruit that brings glory to your name. Help them to grow in their knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ and share that Good News with others.

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