On the Other Side

We are thankful God provides opportunities for young Dong students to hear the Gospel when they reach county seats for schooling, but unfortunately, cults are also there waiting. As we speak, cults are tricking Dong people into believing our sins will be placed on Satan and not upon ourselves; another cult is teaching of a second Chinese Messiah; yet another cult requires prayer must be done in private only, in an isolated room, under continuous fasting.

There is much twisting of the truth. Let us join in prayer that Jesus will be glorified and his truth and light will cut through the lies and free the Dong people from their present darkness and also from potential trickery.

Father, all through the ages, you have seen many cults come and go, cults taking away from your glory. We ask that you would bring about praise to your name in the Dong areas, praise that will flood the people with the light of truth and usher in the Lord of Lords.

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