Anti-3oz Christians

On occassion, the Dong Christians have an opportunity to visit with 3oz Cult followers. The cultists will say they are Christians and often welcome Christians into their homes, but they will most likely look down on non-cultists for their lack of obedience to all the extra rules they have.

These opportunities can be excellent for the true Christians to share the truth with the 3oz followers. We need to pray that God will use the Christians to work on and change the hearts of the cultists so that they will be able to live in the truth of Christ.

Father, many of the cultists do not even know the difference between what they believe and the Dong Christians with whom they interact, and others may know, but are still within your reach to change. Please use our brothers and sisters, put your words in their mouths, and use them to bring light to the stifling darkness which has entrapped their fellow Dong people. May your glory be extended to all these areas and the name of Jesus Christ be praised in spirit and in truth.

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