Come Home

The Isaiah passage in the previous entry has a beautiful statement: "I will make a pathway through the wilderness for my people to come home." For all these generations, the Dong have been wandering through spiritual wilderness, not knowing where to go, having completely forgotten what it is like to be home.

Home is relationship with God. Home is heaven. Home is eternal life, beginning here on earth, and fulfilled in life with God after these bodies pass away.

We are accustomed to dreaming about this heavenly home in relationship with God, but to the Dong, this is a totally foreign concept. When they find what they are missing, they can feel the call home; they know it is something they want.

Father, please provide a way for the Dong people to learn about their true home with you. Give them a taste of what you are like; give them an opportunity to desire you. They have wandered in the wilderness for so long, they have forgotten what they are looking for. As you say in your Word, "make a pathway through the wilderness for [the Dong] to come home."

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