So They May Worship

The journey of the Israelites out of Egypt, the Exodus, was the primary salvation event in history until the coming of Christ. It is also one of the most telling pictures we have of the salvation to come.

We will spend a few entries working through the events of the Exodus and apply them in prayer to the Dong people. To start off, let us pray through the main theme of God's message to Pharaoh: "Israel is my firstborn son. I commanded you to let him go, so he could worship me" (4:22-23). Then, in more than half of the warnings Moses gave to Pharaoh preceeding the plagues, this theme is reiterated: "Let my people go, so they can worship me."

Right now, the Dong people are held captive. They are oppressed by the spirits they worship. They are, spiritually, not free to worship the Lord. Let us with one voice, proclaim the same warning in prayer for the Dong.

Father, we hear your words. You want the Dong peolpe to worship you. We join together in prayer to proclaim your word in the name of Christ: Let the Dong go, so they may worship the Lord! Use our lips as your ready messenger and may it be done to your glory.

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