Blood of the Lamb

Probably the most clear imagry of the Holy Lamb to come is the story of the first Passover. God had proven for all to see that he was far above all gods, so much so that he executed judgement against the gods of Egypt (12:12), a feat that no other god could so clearly display.

Now, in preparation for the final plague, God gives instructions that he himself will follow hundreds of years later with the spotless Lamb, who was also killed for the sins of others. Now, when he sees the blood, his judgement will pass over those who claim it (12:13).

The Lord will do many things to proclaim his power to the Dong people. He will make abundantly clear that he is the one and only God, above all other gods. And a time will come for judgement, just as it did for the Egyptians. Let us pray that the Dong people will claim the blood of the Lamb as the sacrifice for their sins and escape their impending death.

Father, we know all sin deserves death, and that fair judgement would place all sinners under a death sentence. You decided to sacrifice the blood of your own Son, the Lamb of God, as the payment for man's sin.
We also know that the Dong people do not yet claim the blood of the Lamb and will one day have to face their fair judgement. We ask for you to intercede for them; give them a chance to hear your Gospel; give them an opportunity to claim the blood of the Lamb over their sins. Use all of us in prayer to support those who are taking the message of the blood of the Lamb to the Dong people and may it prosper as it has so many times before.

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