Budding Evangelist

A recent update sent to DongTeam tells of a group of Dong believers. Most of them are new to believe, and have already proved faithful in the face of pressure to deny their religion. In addition, they are learning to get along well as brothers and sisters in Christ.

In this journal entry, we will focus on one young man among them. He has shown a great desire to share the Gospel with others. It seems he has done so with every opportunity, especially among his peers.

May God receive glory for the boldness he has placed in this man's heart and may he be used to bring many more to faith. Let us pray for him, especially as the Christmas season approaches, as he shares about the coming of the one who brings true freedom, who provided the only way to overcome sin, and the one who now lovingly guides us in our walk with him.

Glorious One, we come before you in praise of how you are using this Dong brother of ours. You have made him with special gifts and you are working through him to use these gifts, to the glory of your name.
As he shares with his peers, place the words in his mouth that are exactly what they need to hear. May you use his actions and words to minister to those who have not yet understood who you are and what you have done. Especially as the Christmas season approaches, provide him with extra opportunities to share of the coming of the Holy One of God.
Thank you for your loving care of our brother. May our prayers be an encouragement to him as he labors for you.

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