Christmas Bells Ringing

It is Christmas time. What do we do at Christmas? We are all in the middle of lazy mornings at home eating pancakes with the family or maybe a more stressful travel schedule to make sure and see all the grandparents and attend the various family Christmas gatherings. There are still those last few Christmas presents to buy and practice for the church Christmas contata to attend.

What do Dong Christians do on Christmas?

School and work are still in full swing. There is no change of pace. In the county seats—much larger than the villages in which most Dong live—maybe a random Santa hat can be seen on the more globally aware youth. If they watch movies, they might be aware of the giving of gifts and visiting the relatives. "It is just like Spring Festival in China, right?"

Christmas is a time for telling the story, at least, it should be such a time: a story of God and man, a story with roots before the founding of the world, a story reversing the course of history, and continuing till it will one day again be as it was in the garden, sinless.

Though the cultural situation is completely different, let us pray for Dong Christians to share the story, the good news that the Son of God came to earth. Let us pray that Dong people will hear and understand why he came.

Lord Jesus, our lives are heading toward destruction as punishment for our sins without you. The story of your birth and purpose needs to be heard and brings hope when it is heard. Please provide opportunities for and speak through your children among the Dong to use them to tell this story. May they go tell it on the mountain for all to hear!

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