New Year's Prayer for New Believers

In the last journal entry, we prayed for a Dong church and their desire to share the Gospel during Christmas. We asked that God would open opportunities for them to share the good news about the coming of Christ.

In faith that some have heard and responded, let us pray for these new believers and those who heard but have not yet received Christ. This is a new year, full of new opportunities. As they look into the deeper things of Christ, may the Lord make this a year of blessing and growth for them.

Actually, we make New Year's resolutions. Instead, let us make a New Year prayer of faith for these new believers.

Lord Jesus, you bring new life to those who accept you. In this new year, we ask you to show new believers and those who are beginning to seek after you the close and intimate relationship you offer to your loved ones. Show them a relationship with you that reaches far beyond and completely overshadows all they have known before.

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