Too Light a Thing

Isaiah 49:6

"It is too light a thing that you should be my servant

  to raise up the tribes of Jacob

  and to bring back the preserved of Israel;

I will make you as a light for the nations,

  that my salvation may reach

    to the end of the earth."

Is it a light thing that millions of people on this earth have accepted the lordship of Christ? No. Is it a light thing that with his own blood Christ has assured the salvation of all those millions who have believed in him? Absolutely not!

However, is it too light a thing? Yes!

When we say "the name of Jesus Christ is above all other names," that is to say that his name is so full of value and honour that every tongue on this earth needs to shout its praises. It is too light a thing that only millions of people claim his name! His name is worth so much more.

We are a light to the nations, including the Dong people. Our light is to take the salvation message of the Lord Jesus to the end of the earth, to the very last man. Let us pray for the salvation of the Dong people, till the last man receives.

High King of Heaven, we praise your name. There are too few tongues on this earth that lift your praise, and we ask now that you would put your name on the lips of the Dong people. Put songs in their hearts; sing praises from the heavens; make the rocks cry out your praise. You deserve the praise of every last Dong person, and we ask you to bring it about.

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