Village Medical Clinics

The Gospels are packed full of incidents of Jesus's healing miracles. He did not put requirements on those who were to be healed. He did not have an application form. He had hands that could heal and the extension of those healing hands restored many to health.

The Dong people are in much of the same position as the people who needed healing in Jesus's day. If they fall ill, they do not have the money to travel in to the hospital or to buy medication. They live with their ailments and hope for the best.

A program ailmed at linking up foreign medical professionals with Dong villages was established a couple years ago. These village medical clinics averaged hundreds of patients per day. These acts of love are an excellent match of foreign professionals who are willing to help others for no personal gain and a great physical need among the Dong people.

However, the provincial level of the Chinese government over the Dong areas is highly suspicious of foreigners. This suspicion drove the government to revoke the permission for the village clinics in late 2005. Let us pray for the officials in the government who have the authority over this project. Ask for an open view toward the well intentioned and very warmly welcomed (by those who receive medical help) foreign medical professionals.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for putting the physical and medical needs of the Dong on the hearts of professionals. The Dong people very much welcome love in the form of medical assistance, and we want to pray that the village clinics can continue in the Dong countryside. Help the provincial officials to see the clear, loving motives of the medical teams, and understand that accepting these teams can be nothing but good for China, their province, and for the Dong people.

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