Time for Discipling Oral People Groups

We have already seen that chronological Bible stories are one of the most effective methods for evangelizing and discipling oral peoples. What is the cost? Why do we not do it more?

Time and access. Some of the problem is the lack of understanding of oral people groups, and a reliance on "the way I have always done it" methodology. Even after we understand the people, their culture, how they see the world, and we already know how to communicate the Gospel, this is a very time costly method.

We actually have to be there. You cannot pass out the tract for this one. Yes, recordings of the stories can be distributed, but well grounded teaching and explanation needs to follow. Somebody has to teach the teachers. Somebody has to tell the stories over and over. Somebody has to apply the stories and lessons to the daily lives of the Dong people, and to do that, must be with them on a daily basis.

Here is where the biggest obstacle to the Gospel, in the Dong context, becomes clear: it is difficult for any outsider to be able to locate and live close the Dong people, and therefore, the large amount of time needed to grow the church through oral methods is broken into short trips from a larger city.

Before we move on and delve deeper into understanding these issues and what can be done to solve them, let us all stop to pray for what we can see here. There are Christians who would be interested in moving to the Dong areas to share the love of Christ through their life and witness, but they do not have the opportunity to do so. Let us pray that God will give them opportunities and insight as they struggle to overcome these obstacles.

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