Disaster Relief Programs?

If so many Dong villages are completely wiped out from fires, floods, and other disasters, what are we as Christians supposed to do? This is not a commercial to plead for money, but a petition for prayer for an issue with no easy solution.

As Christians, we have a call to compassion. Jesus did not place requirements on the people he healed; he just healed. Peter and John gave what they could, though not money. The vast majority of us reading this, however, do have the money to do something. Money does not fix everything, but it will pay for blankets, rice, school fees, and help those living in makeshift shelters begin to build a home again.

Beyond money, what can we do? That is a very difficult question that could be answered in numerous different ways depending on the particular situation. We should be careful about Gospel presentation in such times, for the average Dong person would gladly profess a new faith in thanks for a new house, but certainly we should not work devoid of the name of Christ. There will be a time, especially if a relationship is built with those who receive aid.

Do we need programs to prepare for such times? Should we start funds to bring quick assistance? For those of us already involved in the work among the Dong through prayer, these are issues we need to lift up in prayer. Let's all spend some time in prayer for the hurting of so many Dong, the reoccuring circumstances, and the opportunity for Christians to clearly profess the one true God through action and deed.

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