Restatement of Purpose

DongTeam is organized for prayer. It is not a random collection of information on the Dong people of China. It is not a mouthpiece of some organization. It is intended as a meeting point for the "team" of those praying for the Dong people. Everybody who prays for the Dong is a part of the "DongTeam" team.

Fully desiring to live up to Richard Foster's challenge, brought forth in the previous entry, DongTeam desires to delve into all the complexities of reaching a "hidden people" and more clearly define what part we all can play in reaching the Dong. The general information, geography, and research pages provide some of the resources we can use in that effort to pray.

The main tool is this prayer journal. We are all on the team: each of us reading this. The prayer journal is not just a broadcast of prayer requests; the prayer journal is an interactive process of prayer. When you have additional thoughts or questions, feel free to add to the journal entry by adding a comment.

It has been so long since this journal was started, it is strange to jump in the middle. We are here to struggle forward in prayer. These people are unreached for a reason. Let us pray through those issues and ask our awesome God to lead us in prayer.

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