100th Anniversary

This is the DongTeam Prayer Journal's 100th entry! We are delighted to be a center for prayer for the Dong people, and want to continue to search out the will of the Lord together with all of you, brothers and sisters in Christ committed to prayer for unreached people around the world like the Dong of China.

With such a focus on prayer, it is hard to break away for one entry for non-prayer related items, but every once in a while, it is nice to catch everybody up with how things work...or could work here at the Prayer Journal.

The prayer journal is what we make it. Entries appear and we pray, but sometimes, an encouraging prayer insight or thought provoking comment can lead all of us into more informed and focused prayer for the Dong. When you have such an insight or comment, please leave comments on that particular entry for us to share in.

Comments can make all the difference. They can bring the Incarnational Ministry category into an interactive discussion of how to reach the Dong in the most indigenous way possible. Comments could deepen our understanding of biblical passages in the Scriptural category. Or maybe, some of us could even provide updates to the Specific Requests category. This is not a push for comments, but rather an announcement of a feature of the Prayer Journal that could easily go unnoticed.

So, as we continue on this prayer journey, take advantage of the medium we have to discuss and develop prayer for the Dong people of China.

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