Call to Kingdom Business

The Chinese government seems to have stopped renewing registrations for non-government organizations. The effects of this move are yet to be fully realized, but the Dong too could be affected.

At least one China-registered organization works among the Dong people, providing free medical services by foreign medical volunteers and basic hygiene training workshops for villagers. Even before the registration renewal problems, this organization and others have faced many difficulties to providing non-profit services to China's countryside peoples.

Organizations are just not easy to understand from a Chinese mindset. Business, however, is the perfect way to continue the development efforts in the Chinese countryside in a way the government with both understand and encourage.
Some companies are seeking profit-making avenues to aiding the development of China's countryside. Maybe that is the best way forward in light of the recent policy change. Companies interested in working in China's countryside can provide a more natural means of letting local residents themselves put in the work needed to bring about the positive change they seek.
As the adage goes, instead of giving a man a fish, teach him to fish. Instead of giving money for development, maybe we need to pray for investment in business which provides jobs or new income opportunities for countryside people.
We can choose to take this seemingly negative change in policy as a challenge to companies, Chinese and foreign, to invest in businesses that will bring about the economic development of China's countryside. Christian businessmen have an opportunity to bring about great change through Kingdom business that will live out everyday examples of Christ's love and fulfill God's call in Genesis 1 to multiply the resources given us.
Let us pray for the many who are or were working for Chinese-registered non-government organizations as they seek new ways to continue helping China's people. Let us also pray that God will begin raising up more and more business people who can establish business that will both help the economic situation of people like the Dong and also shine a bright witness for Christ in the midst of a dark universe of unethical business.

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