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Few of us understand suffering in our Christian lives. Because we do not experience it (or do not identify it as such when we do experience it), we do not know what to think or how to react.

Oppression is not a time of defeat, but a time of victory for the joyous power of Christ. If Jesus could not avoid suffering, and we walk as he did, we likely will suffer ourselves. 1 Peter has much to say about suffering as a Christian: "But rejoice insofar as you share Christ's sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed."

This is exactly what several Dong Christians are learning right now, as we can see in the song one of them has written about Christ's glory being revealed through suffering.

Don't Worry
When we go through times of oppression,
His love is already on the way;
When our hearts are shattered,
He has already brought comfort.
You make my faith strong.
You bring all things to us.
Jesus has taught us joy.
You are the way,
You are the truth,
You are my life's all in all.
I want my life to worship you,
Oh, beloved Lord.

Our Christian brothers and sisters in the Dong world send out this message with their lives. Little do they know who will be reading these verses and what impact their witness will have on all of us. We have so much to learn about suffering.
This song, just like 1 Peter, does not suggest if we go through suffering, but states when we go through suffering. Suffering is just something that will happen because this is a fallen world, and we stick out as different from that fallen nature.
When it does come, though, we can be assured that his comfort and lovingkindness are already on the way. He will always provide what we need in those times; he is our all in all.
If we remain in his way when we suffer, we live a life of worship for him. Let us pray that the Dong people will be the same. Lord Jesus, teach them the joy they can have even through suffering, the peace that passes understanding. They know the Way and Truth, and want their lives to worship you, and we pray that throughout these times of persecution, they will remain faithful to their beloved Lord.

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