Praying through Worship

The Dong worship song mentioned last time is certainly worth another look. Many points in there are not only good points that we could pray for our Dong brothers and sisters, but they are specific prayer requests straight from their own hand.

Don't Worry

When we go through times of oppression,
His love is already on the way;
When our hearts are shattered,
He has already brought comfort.
You make my faith strong.
You bring all things to us.
Jesus has taught us joy.
You are the way,
You are the truth,
You are my life's all in all.
I want my life to worship you,
Oh, beloved Lord.

Lord Jesus, we indeed ask that you would make their faith strong. The past couple months have been full of pressure from authorities, parents, and constant attack from the evil one to tempt them to dispair. Even though they are young in their faith, please reassure them of who your are.
Teach them great joy in these hard times. They can see, much more clearly than most of us, the joy of being wholly dependent on you and your will, wholly dependent on none of their own strength, but only the joy that comes from their Heavenly Father.
As they live in this faith and joy, let their lives be a clear testimony of worship to the one and only true God, Jesus Christ, who provides all things.

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