Praying for Little Prayer Warriors

Just a few days ago, one of our fellow prayer warriors left a comment on the Prayer Journal saying that a group of children is going to hear about the spiritual needs of the Dong people and will be praying for them tonight (Wednesday night in the United States). In a reversal of the normal prayer requests we see here on DongTeam, why not pray for that time, for the children, and the preparation necessary to lead the children in prayer.

It is a beautiful gift to be able to pray with children. For good reason did Jesus call us to be like children and to live out a child-like faith. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to work in these childrens' hearts and help them understand who the Dong people are and why they have such a great need to hear the salvation of Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit work in their prayers great works of faith!

Let us also pray for the preparation of that time. The leader of that time has since communicated with the Prayer Team here at DongTeam to try to find specific requests and help in preparing the materials and information for the time with the children. The hope is to not only to to spend some time praying with the children this one time, but also to send them home with a prayer guide or prayer materials with some information to encourage them to continue praying for the Dong people on their own.
We should ask for the Lord to give wisdom as those materials are prepared. May those materials be fun and insightful guides through prayer for the Dong people of China.
Tonight, we will have some new members of the Dong Prayer Team. Let us ask the Lord to hear their prayers and use them in a mighty way for God's work in the Dong areas.

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