Praying for Good Ground

Just a few months ago, a couple foreigners were "uninvited" back to China for religious activities an area where the Dong people live. They taught English in a small town middle school, working for low pay in a hard environment, and lived their lives in obedience to the Lord's will for them there.

Their witness sowed much seed in that area. And just as Jesus said in his parable, seed falls on all kinds of ground. Some falls on the path and is eaten by the birds. Some falls in rocky ground, sprouts quickly, but has no depth. Some falls among the thorns and is choked from growth. And some falls on good soil, producing up to a hundred fold of the original seed.

The Lord brings growth, both spiritual growth and growth in the numbers of believers. So, let us pray to him for those on which the seed fell. Let us pray that he would cause his seed to bring about abundant growth. As Jesus himself said, let us pray that those who receive the message would bring about 30, 60, and even 100 times the seed sown!

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