A Choice of Rulers

Though we often do not think of it this way, we have a choice of rulers. We can choose who has authority in our lives: God, Satan, money, time, work, power, or just about anything else. The Dong people too, have a choice of rulers. We need to pray for them as they make this choice.

The Israelites rarely seemed to know how good they had it till they were at the point of losing it. God graciously provided for them so many times, saving them from disaster because of their last minute change of heart. But not always...

In 2 Chronicles 12, we see yet another example of the people of Israel losing their first love, an entire generation that completely missed the point. Then, when they were about to be overrun by King Shishak of Egypt, they turned to God for more of that last minute grace. God did keep them from disaster, but this time he chose to let them go ahead and learn a lesson out of the experience. In verse 8, God said:
"But they will become his subjects, so that they can learn how much better it is to serve me than to serve earthly rulers."

So true, but I wonder if they really learned the lesson? It is much the same with the Dong people. They have a choice, but often ignore the lesson that is right in front of them. Even when confronted with the truth of a God of grace and love who lives with us, they will often still choose to remain in fear of angering the spirits and continually trying to appease them.
Even though it is so much better to serve our heavenly God than earthly rulers, many people, whether they be Americans from the Bible Belt, Europeans with hundreds of years of church history, or the Dong people of China, many still do not hear what God is trying to say to them. Let us pray that more of the Dong people will open their eyes to the truth of the True God.

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