Cults Closer to Home

It is so easy for thoughts of cults and their influence to remain a distant memory in our prayers for the Dong people, but they have not gone away. We have prayed before for the Dong people as they have to interact with followers of Christian cults (that is, cults which are twisted forms of Christianity). And judging by reports from some of our Dong brothers and sisters, it is time to pray again.

Recently, in a village that only has a few believers and little chance to receive solid teaching, the true believers came into contact with some nearby "Christians". As they started to get to know the new folks a little better, they saw some strange practices and odd beliefs.

These Dong brothers and sisters are very young in the faith themselves and are only beginning to study the Scriptures, so the skewed beliefs of these cult believers did not really make much impact on them. Not really knowing if this was a big deal, they asked some Han Chinese Christians about what they had seen to find out if the more mature Han Christians knew anything more.

Indeed they did. From what it looks like, these are followers of Eastern Lightening, a very aggressive and destructive cult, which only very superficially resembles Christianity and twists some of the most core truths of the Christian faith.
We will need to come back to this topic later for more specific prayer for our brothers and sisters, for they do not fully understand the danger of the situation. For now, though, let us start praying with what we know.
Please pray for the wisdom to search the Bible any time they hear or see something that just does not seem right. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them discernment to know truth from lie. And pray that the Bible, which is usually quite difficult to understand, will come through clear and guide them to the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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